Complete Childrens Party

These parties are best suited for 4 to 8 year olds and are fully customisable to suit your requirements.


We offer a selection of party games from the classics; Musical Bumps/Statues and Pass the Parcel to Fun ones like The Balloon Race or SpaceHopper relay.  Small consolation prizes can be given as well as Lucky dip prizes for game winners.


We also offer theme parties so your child can be the star of the party.  They can have a special entrance and theme music.  

Themes available are : Pirates & Princesses, Superheroes,  Winter Wonderland,

Summer Beach Party, Halloween Party.


How about a UV Glow party.  Glow sticks & glow face paints can be supplied.  UV lights will be used to make everyone party with a nice colourful glow.


Other Parties can be arranged, just call to discuss your requirements.